How to remove win32:vitro virus?

Win32.Vitro is quite dangerous trojan virus. Just like trojan Vundo and Zlob, Win32.Vitro can be obtained by visiting various noxious websites. Mainly, Win32.Vitro is promoted on websites that offer free online movies. In order to watch those movies visitor has to download certain video codec. However, it's not a real video codec, but trojan Win32.Vitro. Once active, Win32.Vitro performs various misleading actions. It downloads and installs additional malware and spyware without user's permission. What is more, it advertises rogue anti-spyware applications such as Antivirus 360 and System Protector. Win32.Vitro must be removed at earliest stage, because removal delay will cause even more damage to the system.

Win32.Vitro properties:
• Changes browser settings

• Shows commercial adverts
• Hides from the user
• Stays resident in background

W32:Vitro (Virut) virus removal

How to Remove Win32: Vitro virus.

The Virut family of viruses uses polymorphism to hide from all anti-virus protection, it infects executable files. File infection makes it very hard to repair a system that has been infected. W32/Vitro injects code in running processes and hooks the following functions in ntdll.dll which transfers control to the virus every time any of these function calls are made.

* NtCreateFile
* NtCreateProcess
* NtCreateProcessEx
* NtOpenFile
* NtQueryInformationProcess

We would strongly recommend rebuilding the system from backups.

How to Remove Win32:Vitro (Removal Instructions)

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