How to prepare for college

Need some tips on how to adjust as fresher in a college. May be I can give you some tips on how to prepare for college and some adjustments which will help you enjoy college life.

Usually during the last weeks of summer, fear, anxiety, and excitement set in about the year to come. But there are few things which will help you overcome all these feelings. Tips I am writing below are the ones which helped me overcome my nerves not long ago (in fact just a month back) :-

1. First and foremost visit your college well in advance. I did it and let me tell you it helped me a great deal as I made few friends among seniors.

2. Take advantage of situations. Although I admit this tip is not for everyone but as I live in same city as of my college, I had an advantage over other outstation mates. If you are in same boat, I would advice you to help these outstation mates to adjust in your town/city, this goes a long way in cultivating healthy friendship.

How to prepare for college as fresher3. Start networking with other students on facebook or any other networking site. This helps in breaking ice with those shy ones.

4. Be prepared. Pack your pens/ pencils and other stationery products. Get yourself a good laptop (I bought my first Mac).

5. Join Clubs. Participate in on campus activities.

6. Don’t stress about having to choose your major in your first year. Get pre-reqs out of the way and take classes you think you would enjoy or interest you.

7. Meet as many fellow students as you can. College is a great academic environment where great minds get together and collaborate. Social intellectual interaction is always good for the mind.

8. Lastly, be confident you are in the same situation as many others, so no need to panic just enjoy. Keep smiling :) Best of luck.

This is how I prepared for college and am enjoying college life to the fullest.

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