What is Cerebrovascular disease ?

Cerebral vascular disease is one of the diseases relating to blood vessels supplying the blood to brain. Hypertension is one of the main causes behind deterioration of blood vessels. Sustained Hypertension permanently changes the make-up of blood vessels making them stiff,narrow thus they become more susceptible to fluctuations in blood pressure.

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During night, as we know, blood pressure reduces thus there is reduction in blood flow causing ischemic stroke in the morning. Whereas during sudden excitement there is sudden increase in blood pressure which causes tearing of blood vessels which leads to intracranial hemorrhage during daytime.

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Usually people who are elderly, diabetic, smokers, or have ischemic heart disease, have cerebrovascular disease. All diseases related to artery dysfunction can be classified under a disease known as macrovascular disease. This is a simplistic study by which arteries are blocked by fatty deposits or by a blood clot. The results of cerebrovascular disease can include a stroke, or even sometimes a hemorrhagic stroke. Ischemia or other blood vessel dysfunctions can affect one during a cerebrovascular accident.

What is Cerebrovascular disease/ Cerebral vascular ?

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