Best Antivirus for PC

Searching for best free antivirus to download, well read this I think I may answer your question.
I would personally recommend Avast! its free and it does a great job and its doesn't slow down your computer. just go to scroll over the downloads tab click programs it will take you to another page avast! 4 home edition will be the second on on the orange list click it on the next page scroll down and select the language you want the installer to be and click it and either save it or run it. all you have to do is register it just click the register button at the top of that same page give them you email and info and the will email you a code that is good for 14 months. Also best feature in Avast is boot-time scan, it removes viruses before windows startup.

Also I think :-
Norton Anti Virus (Recommended for high memory computer)
AVG (Recommended for low memory computer)
Avast (For free)
download free antivirus
I feel this also answers:
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Best Antivirus For PC

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